Friday, June 17, 2011

the last post

I started Kwok's Kreations with no real purpose in mind except as a place to post some of my old/current art and motivate myself to keep creating things and not become brain-dead with boredom. And now it is time to move to my NEW blog. I've put a bit more thought into what I wanted this new blog to be like, and I realized that I wanted to keep making art and cartoons and posting the things that I dream up, but also wanted to write about my real life adventures and random things that happen (why not?). So I present to you, my new blog:


I chose this name because I'm always daydreaming and having my head stuck up in the clouds when I'm supposed to be on the ground. So anyway, I will be writing my first post tomorrow at this new address:

I hope you'll still keep following me and taking part in my random adventures =) 

<3 laura.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

always a fan =)

After the Stanley Cup final and the riots, this message says it all.

On my other blog, I wrote a little rant about it all, which you can read here.

Otherwise, cheers to an awesome season for the Canucks, and here's to another great season next year. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Boston Beware.

This image is a bit premature, but when the Canucks win the cup this year, you shall see me hoisting a hockey stick in the air with a teddy bear impaled on it. Gruesome I know. But necessary? Yes.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Cut the Rope Pillow

From one of my previous posts, I gave a little peek of something green and furry that I made. So here it is...

TA DA!!! 

It's a pillow of that little green creature from CUT THE ROPE (What's his name? I don't know). I said I was going to do a tutorial, but really, I made so many mistakes while making this pillow, I can't even tell you how I made it. haha. The green furry fabric was the BAIN OF MY EXISTENCE. It shed like a DOG and was like DEATH to work with. I would suggest using green fleece fabric instead. The whole process was just pure experimentation and continually correcting failure. I think it turned out okay for my first pillow... (first and last!!!) Never again. never again.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Indian for a week

okay... so the new blog is in coming, but while that is in progress, here is a bit of what I've been doing lately. I went to my good friend's ginormous, four-day Indian wedding, in which I ate unlimited MOUNDS of DEEP-FRIED FOOD and subsequently gained 10000 pounds (it was glorious). I also got to wear lots of colourful, jeweled Indian suits, which I LOVED. It made me want my own Indian wedding, SERIOUSLY.

 By the end of the week, I had finally learned that all the food served during the first 2-3 hours were only the APPETIZERS (pictured below). That didn't stop me from filling up my plate though. Look at all that DEEP-FRIED GOODNESS.

 After consuming all those appetizers, dinner was served!

Everyone was dressed in such vibrant colours... I want to get my own suit/sari!

Oh and since some of the wedding events were on game-days, the wedding was shown on one TV, and the Canucks (WINNING) was shown on the other. =)

Best quote of the week went to my friend who summed up my continual awe of the wedding glamour by saying:
 "You are an indian stuck in a chinese body"... 

yes... yes I am.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To those of you wondering, I have not forgotten about this blog. My blog is in the process of reconstructive surgery - aka. getting a new face so that kwokskreations is transported into oblivion and the new one resurfaces as an unrecognizable, improved version of this one. haha. No, but seriously - be patient my little grasshoppers, because I am moving addresses soon, and I hope that you will continue to follow me =)

For now, here is a peek at what I will be putting on my new blog...

beautiful, sunshiny days...
 hungry piggies looking for a treat...
 blank canvases begging to be painted on...
 sad, outdated 90's nostalgia...
 juicy burgers galore...
  tempting sweets...
 cupcake crafts and donut cushions...
my beloved thrift-store treasures...
...and hopefully, friends to share all these adventures with. =)

So, FRIEND, I would love to have you visit my new site... I'll post the link here in a few days! 

Clearly, the randomness has not left - it will only get more random from here.

You have been warned.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

blog lagging

Okay... seriously, I feel lethargic like Mikey here (yes, I stalk him when he's sleeping. I'm a creeper like that).  I'm pretty much lagging behind in posting the random stuff on my blog that I would LIKE to be posting, but HAVE NOT, for whatever reason. I no longer have sporadic, itching, 3AM urges to work on this blog... maybe it's because I've actually been trying to sleep before 1:00am these days. I feel like my blog is messy and awkward and random and chaotic and disorganized. like my LIFE. Aghh!! Anyway, I shall try to post something worth reading soon, in more sane proportions.

Okay bye.

BLAHHHHHH!!!!! CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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